58 new places to call home in Bellfield

Today saw the opening of a new social housing development in Bellfield that will provide 58 new, secure, and reasonably priced houses for those in urgent need of housing.
Banyule Council, Launch Housing, and Homes Victoria partnered to create a $22 million apartment complex, demonstrating the capabilities of local, state, and federal governments to act swiftly to address the housing affordability challenge.
All of the apartments in the Bellfield apartment complex have been assigned, and many new tenants have already moved in since the building’s completion in late 2021.

We were the driving force behind the project’s conception and the land’s provision on a 50-year peppercorn lease. We selected Launch Housing to oversee the project after requesting interest from community housing providers. Under the Victorian Government’s Big Housing Build, Homes Victoria provided a $18.61 million contribution.

In order to make sure that the new residents and the resources they require are closely connected, Launch Housing is collaborating with us and the community agencies in the area. Bellfield Community Hub, which opened a year ago and offers a variety of services and amenities like maternity and child health, elderly care programmes, and a kindergarten, sits next to the new residential complex.

Kylie’s story

Two weeks ago, Kylie moved into her Bellfield apartment and is making her permanent home.
I was depressed before coming to live here. To possess my own house has always been my one and only wish. This is something I’ve never experienced before.
Kylie fled an abusive home three years ago with very little clothing. Before relocating to Bellfield, she lived in motels for a year and then in emergency housing for two years.

“Those places were nothing more than a place to live, a roof over my head.” This is where I feel safe and at home. I’m in good mental health now that I’m here. Neither have I been sick in a long time. Since here, I’ve been so eager that I haven’t slept much—but in a good manner. I’ve been organising my area.

Quotation from Harriet Shing, the Minister of Housing
We are incredibly happy to be working with Launch Housing and the City of Banyule to provide 58 contemporary, handicapped-accessible, and energy-efficient houses to Victorian residents.

“We’re working harder than ever to give more people a place to call home because we know that housing is the most important issue at the moment.”

CEO of Launch Housing, Bevan Warner, quoted

“A fundamental human right is housing. Launch Housing provided housing support services to over 14,000 Melburnians who were experiencing homelessness or were at risk of becoming homeless in the past year.

“Affordable housing for those with low incomes reduces the number of households at risk of homelessness, which is a key component of our objective to eradicate homelessness in Melbourne.

“Launch Housing is happy to assist our clients in transitioning from homelessness to permanent housing as a housing developer. Launch Housing is a reliable partner for providing long-term, creative housing solutions.

“We appreciate that the Victorian Government provided financing for the Big Housing Build and that the City of Banyule took the initiative to make the land accessible. We are prepared to collaborate with all levels of government to provide Melbourne with more options for affordable housing.

Citation from City of Banyule Mayor Cr. Tom Melican

“I am proud that Banyule Council had the foresight to imagine this project and the initiative to make it happen.

“Now, 58 people and families have a comfortable and secure place to call home and the services they need in easy reach.

“We are grateful to the Victorian Government and Launch Housing for their support and expertise. Together we have shown it is possible to find genuine solutions that make a real difference to vulnerable families in our community.”