Attempted Armed Robbery in Rosanna

On the 1st of May, 2022, an Attempted Armed Robbery took place at a Commercial premises in Rosanna where the offender produced a knife and made demands for cash. The quick thinking attendant said they did not have access to the cash till causing the offender to flee. The quick response by police members resulted in the arrest of the offender a short distance from the scene. Great work by our responding police.

On the 25th of April, 2022, three incidents of fires being lit in Bins and on streets occurred. These were all between the hours of 7pm and 8.30 pm. Police continue to investigate these incidents and encourage members of the public to report any suspicious behaviour in public parklands after dark.

Earlier this month an aggravated carjacking occurred in the Heidelberg West area where the vehicle owner left his vehicle running in a driveway whilst securing a commercial premises. An opportunistic thief then jumped into the vehicle and attempted to drive away, in doing so the owner attempted to stop the theft by entering the vehicle. The thief has then pushed the owner of the vehicle out of the passenger causing him to sustain minor injuries. The vehicle was later located in the Reservoir area and an offender has been identified and charged.

Once again Police have seen numerous incidents of theft from Motor Vehicles. Valuables including Cash, Laptops, Wallets, Purses and Handbags are being stolen. Please remind your friends and relatives to remove valuables from your vehicle, regardless of where it is parked or for how long you intend to leave it.