Daily Adventures in Lock down

As I explained to Joanne, the cashier at the Rosanna IGA the other day, “It’s a sad day when a trip to the supermarket is one’s only daily excursion.”  She took it in good part and I think we’re still friends.

The real adventure is not really visiting the supermarket, but in finding the way in.  The first decision is to do with finding a parking spot. It’s either beside the Post Office, or in the bay in front of Baker’s Delight.  If I’m accompanied, there’s often a disagreement, amiable of course, about which option to take.  Having resolved that one, the next decision involves choosing the shop to visit next.  This one is much more complicated.  Is the traffic clear?  In which case I can just Jay Walk across the road.  If there are already folk waiting at the pedestrian lights, I’ll wait because the lights will change and all of us will cross the road, but wait a minute, it seems that some are standing in a socially distanced queue for Bakers’ Delight.  So, I just take my chances.

Having crossed the road, I now have to find my way through the maze of fences, walkways and bridges to find where I want to go.  Er…sorry, I’ll have to go back to the car. I’ve forgotten my ecologically responsible reusable shopping bags in the boot of the car.  Now where did I manage to find that parking spot?

This time Baker’s Delight is clear, so I duck in to buy an escargot, or a chocolate croissant and maybe a danish lattice tart.  Better yet, I’ll buy all three. They are really very good.

Now it’s back across the road.  Bloody Hell! The fences and pathways are all being moved.  Praise be, the workers on the project have been laughing at my bewilderment, but one steps forward to guide me.  Why are people in Rosanna so nice.  Is it the air, the perfume of spring blossom, or is it the grandeur of the new Metro station?

I head towards the Vietnamese Bakery for some of those magnificent long rolls.  There are the last two custard tarts in the cabinet, so I take them too.

The IGA is now relatively quiet, so a quick attack on the confectionery aisle, a block of almond milk chocolate and a new toothbrush.  I’m done.  That’s my shopping for today.

Has anyone else noticed they’re putting on weight during this lock down?

John – Editor