Dalia Ziada tells the truth and is persecuted for it.

Dalia Ziada is an Egyptian author, born on January 2, 1982. She is the author of several highly regarded non-fiction books on Middle Eastern politics, including The Curious Case of the Three-Legged Wolf – Egypt: Military, Islamism, and Liberal Democracy. She was serving as the Chairperson of the Liberal Democracy Institute, and executive director of MEEM Centre for Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean Studies.

I say (was). This video will explain it all.


In the wake of the Hamas terror massacre of October 7 2023 in southern Israel, in which 1200 people were murdered and around 240 others were taken hostage, anti-Semitism soared.

Instead of sympathy for the victims, many people on social media and commentators on the Middle East, failed to criticise the terrorists despite the sickening details of the atrocities.

Dalia Ziada has become one of the ‘voices of the conflict’.

The brave writer has told The Sun how she was forced into hiding for siding with Israel and daring to criticise Hamas.