Enhanced Brows By D’Nuka

Well, I have always known that ‘stunning brows’ can even transform the most ordinary face to an extraordinarily beautiful & attractive face! I finally decided to shift my 16-year career with fashion developments/designing to a brow stylist back in 2017 to pursue this belief & knowing to benefit others. I also wanted to be involved with a treatment that would last long not just few days or weeks… but more like years to come. Rather a lasting impact.

So here I am.. my name’s Denuka. I started my own PMU(Permanent make-up) brow business back in 2018, after being in training & working with brows for a year.

I enjoy transforming faces. This brings me joy & satisfaction that I am impacting someone’s life today to feel & look an improved version of them!

I believe we are always work-in-progress & if I can play a small role in someone’s life to make them feel & look even better… that’s awesome!

When clients (female & male) feel confident with their ‘new look’, I know that’s going to have a ripple effect in their life. More confidence brings more great opportunities… to me, that’s priceless!


 Even though I don’t meet my clients often, we have a continuous connection there on. However most clients I don’t see them for years to come since these brow treatments do last a long while.

I am a complete advocate of ‘Naturally full looking’ eyebrows rather than the traditional ‘block’ brow look. ‘Enhancing Natural beauty’ to me is the best approach to any beauty related treatment!

Nano Hybrid Brows

The main latest PMU brow treatment is called ‘Nano Hybrid Brows’. This technique evolved from ‘Feathered (Microbladed)’ technique which is mostly suitable for dry or combination skin.

However, Nano Hybrid brow treatment is suitable for almost any skin type, which is great news. We also have Ombre & Powder brow techniques that is great for people who love a more thorough coverage than natural look.

Advanced Brow Studio Pascoe Vale Studio Interior

💞 Some undeniable benefits:

  1. Stunning, ‘naturally full’ looking brows 24/7!
  2. 100% smudge/water proof! Freedom to shower, gym, holiday, swim & much more…
  3. Longevity from 1 to 3+ years!
  4. Frames your face bringing out your best version hence adding more confidence
  5. Wake-up to full, stunning brows daily
  6. Saves heaps of time/stress doing daily brow make-up (ladies)
  7. No need for professional brow cleaning any longer (ladies)

We have 2 locations as listed below both with ample free parking to ease your life

📍Pascoe Vale

📍Albert Park (Next to St.Kilda/CBD)

Denuka Opatha
Mobile: 0468 878 840

Brow PMU stylist for over 6 years!
Over 100+ 5⭐reviews on both Facebook/Google