Fang the Cat

Our Henry is a lively little pup, but ‘Fang’ is an entirely  different kind of pet. He lives down the street where he probably has a different name too.

He’s mostly seen sitting on the front window ledge of a house two or three doors down the street.  He just sits and stares.  If an observer takes the time, the object of his attention becomes quite plain.  He stares at the bird bath in the front yard of his next-door neighbour’s home.  Well, not actually at the bird bath, but at the birds that stand on its edge or splash about with great enthusiasm.

If an observer steps over the fence and approaches the window to exchange a friendly greeting.  He doesn’t get one back.  The cat, ‘whatever name it goes by’  arches its back and snarls.  This can’t actually be heard through the glass, but it looks like one.  He has a terrifying  set of teeth, they’re only small, but they are white and sharp hence the name ‘Fang’.

Further evidence that his assigned name is appropriate was provided last week when he happened to get outside.  Whatever other spots he stopped at are unknown, but he certainly stopped at the birdbath.  He left two dead  Indian mynah carcases on the lawn.  One had been thoroughly torn apart and the other merely played with, probably died of shock.

The next day ‘Fang’ was back in his window watching the birdbath.

Now what’s the point of this tale?  First, recognise that the fluffy adorable ‘whatever its name’ that lies in your lap, or longingly watches something through the window is really a ‘Fang’ in disguise. It’s not a matter of a split personality disorder, it’s just the way things are.  Second, owners ‘whatever their names’ need to keep them inside.  Our garden life, birds ,lizards, frogs bandicoots and even mice don’t deserve to have a ferocious hunter on the loose.  Our outside life is threatened already.

If we want to enjoy the carolling of magpies,  the calls of blackbirds, or the squawks of lorikeets.  Just keep the ‘Fangs’ of this world in their place.

This observer has since learned that ‘Fang’s’ indoor name is ‘Cuddles’.  It’s cute isn’t it?  Hmmm.

John – Editor