Feel the Fear & Embrace your Resumé

I don’t know about you, but the very first feeling I get when I think about updating my resumé is cringeworthy. The last time you thought to even look for it, was it too painful to even consider where it could be? The last time you looked at it was so far back, you really don’t have much to add to it, nor did you even know how to write a great one. Maybe it resides in the hidden depths of your parents computer like mine?

I had no idea, and to think that it’s not important makes me worry about my future, my son’s and everyone else’s as well. I wanted to expose my situation to improve my life, so I figured why not start with my Resumé. If something were to happen to me, I would want my son to have a future proof story-line, an updated resumé of all of his mummy’s achievements, certifications and all things great about his mum for him to pass on to his family and children. The stories I keep hearing of my grandparents are very miniscule and scrambled. I don’t know where to begin and believe me I love telling a good story.

But nowadays, as I get older, I am struggling to remember who did what and when. Now, as we pivot through this challenging time, homeschool, close businesses, changing roles and maybe even look for a new career overall, we now have the assurance of a place of support and guidance, and most importantly, a resumé that we can enjoy creating, without the daunting feelings. It’s the mojo in your life, a time to reflect, to be proud of how far you’ve come and what you set out to achieve next.

What if I told you, now was the perfect time to face those fears and expose your situation, update your resumé and what if there was a way to get excited again and bring back your mojo to complete one? The team at ZYGAVERSE has done that for me. For you too.

They created an update-able, online ATS compliant Resumé that not only looks great, but is fun to use, media can be added or linked in from youtube and vimeo etc. It’s a Resumé but with a live version of yourself, a one stop journey of your achievements and life. I just love it.

ZYGAVERSE styled every aspect of the evolved resumé and called it the ZYGADOC®. Will our children and our children’s children even say the word Resumé anymore? The ZYGADOC! Sounds so cool doesn’t it?

You can now produce the best looking, most performant CV in the Universe. ZYGAVERSE wanted to make it easy to update your resumé and enable you to keep it up to date. Besides the numerous basic chunks and elements, they have also created portfolio and video chunks that simply cannot be achieved with a traditional resumé. So if you’re an artist, actor, designer etc, all these items will help you take your career to the next level. Everyone is talking about it, is hopping onto it and even better, it’s FREE.

Now my son will know what his mummy did back in the 90’s? Her first job, where and what she studied, her video’s she uploaded, her art, what she was skilled at and how she helped organisations achieve great things.

Head over to zygaverse.com if you want to check them out.