Fox Mowing, Gardening & Irrigation

Gardening & Lawn Mowing businesses have been one of the many to lose out in this current climate in Victoria. Throughout Melbourne’s stage four restrictions, we have been affected by the Victorian Labor Governments decision to temporarily shut down independent small business and sole traders.I have been running my own Fox Mowing and Gardening franchise for the past seven years.  I have built up a substantial customer base over this time.  Unfortunately this pandemic has not just impacted my business but many others.Fox mowing gardening and irrigation jason bishopI have been frustrated daily with the Governments decision, however, have followed the guidelines set down and only leaving my home for shopping or exercise.  Each time I leave the house, I am witnessing local council workers planting and maintaining parks and gardens in and around areas where people are walking and exercising.My usual days of work consist of visiting up to 8 households a day and more often than not, I do not have any contact with the customer.  I work independently in the open yard and have no contact.  It simply does not make sense that my business and livelihood has been damaged.For me, it is a countdown to the 28th September, when I can resume my normal day to day routine of doing a job that I love.  I provide garden maintenance, landscaping and irrigation service to the Banyule area.Contact me for all of your garden requirements.  No job too big or small.Jason  0400 807 110Fox Mowing & Gardening St. Helena Facebook Page

Above and below are two of the projects I have done. You will find lots more on my FaceBook page.