Greensborough Highway Patrol Out in Force

Greensborough Highway Patrol will be out in force over the next 18 days, cracking down on dangerous drivers in response to Victoria’s rising road toll. Operation Saturn launched this Thursday the 22nd of October and will run over the next 18 days in order to target the rise in lives being lost on Victorian Roads.

The focus of this operation will be to target drivers impaired by fatigue, alcohol or drugs, driver distraction offences, speeding, motorcycle and seatbelt offences. The aim, in addition to detecting offences, is to provide a highly visible police presence to reinforce positive driving behaviours and lessen the incidence of road trauma.

Speed and distraction are the leading contributors to road trauma and are major factors in about half of the fatal and serious injury collisions each year. Speeding increases both the likelihood of a collision and the severity of the crash. Speeding is never worth the risk.

Driving while using a mobile phone is a significant distraction, it can impair a driver’s reaction time, ability to maintain speed and position on the road and general awareness of other traffic. Keep your eyes off your phone and on the road. No text message, phone call or meme is worth more than a life, yours or someone else’s.
Greensborough Highway Patrol will be conducting random roadside testing over the coming weeks targeting drivers under the influence of alcohol and illicit drugs.

Greensborough Highway Patrol urge all motorists to take responsibility for their actions behind the wheel and to make a commitment, not only to themselves and their families, but to all members of the community to consciously think about their choices when getting behind the wheel.
Stay safe and have a great couple of weeks!