GRIMMISH A Fractured Fairytale – Heidelberg Theatre Company

Heidelberg Theatre Company Youth in Rosanna opened a delightful theatrical play titled “Grimmish: A Fractured Fairy Tale,” a captivating journey through a series of children’s fairytales. The production showcased an ensemble cast predominantly composed of talented youth, featuring three young children and a few of adults. The play seamlessly blended classic fairytales with a modern, fractured twist, creating a unique and engaging experience for the audience.

The show’s narration was skillfully handled by an extremely well-spoken actor, setting the tone for the enchanting world of Grimmish. As the narrative unfolded, a clever plot twist occurred when the main narrator’s book was torn in half by the big bad wolf. This unexpected turn allowed two of the young actors to step into the role of narrators, showcasing not only their acting skills but also their adaptability and quick thinking on stage.

The young actors, both male and female, donned costumes that harked back to the storybooks of the past, adding a nostalgic charm to the production. The attention to detail in their costumes contributed to the overall immersive experience, transporting the audience into a whimsical world of fairytales, with numerous scene and costume changes highlighting the professionalism of the cast.

The ability of the young actors to flawlessly remember and deliver their lines throughout the play was truly impressive, serving as a testament to their promising future in live theatre. The energy and enthusiasm they brought to their roles added an infectious joy to the performance, resonating with the audience and creating a memorable theatrical experience.

“Grimmish: A Fractured Fairy Tale” at Heidelberg Theatre Company was a delightful and well-executed production. The combination of a talented cast, imaginative storytelling, and seamless execution of scene and costume changes made for an enchanting evening of live theatre. This production not only entertained but also showcased the bright future ahead for the young performers involved. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and look forward to more innovative and captivating productions from Heidelberg Theatre Company in the future.

– Sen Mack

HTC Youth’s


A Fractured Fairy Tale

Written by Erich Fordham and Ryan Purdey

Directed by Erich Fordham and Christina Savopoulos

Dec 8 – Dec 16 2023

Dec 8, 9, 15, 16 at 7.00pm

Dec 9, 10, 16 at 2.00pm

All tickets $10

Bookings at or telephone

03 9457 4117

About the play

A brand new work lovingly inspired by the writings of the Brothers Grimm.

Present on stage for your amusement will be a colourful collection of fairytale icons – Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin, Goldilocks and the Three Little Pigs, and many more. Together they are all menaced by the Big Bad Wolf, who – upon suffering another defeat – decides to flip the script and jeopardises the whole story!

Will the Narrator and his characters be able to wrangle a happy ending, or is the happily ever after doomed forevermore?

Come and see!