Hair & Body Workshop

33 years ago I started my career as an apprentice Hairdresser. It’s a job that I have always wanted from the age of 2 when I use to help my Mum in her Salon in Doncaster. My jobs included handing out magazines, singing & entertaining the clients. Which I might add I still do, with a cup of coffee included.
Over the 31 years I had three different bosses and owners of the Salon.

In July 2000 I decided to buy the business with my Mum as my partner. I’m not sure which was more frightening, setting up my new venture with GST being introduced or Mum. Both are a force to be reckoned with.

The Salon has become a real family affair with my young sister Bree joining us as a Beauty Therapist about 15 years ago. We are lucky to have an amazing group of very professional and highly qualified Hairdressers helping to make our Salon such a huge success. We have a fantastic clientele; some have been coming to the Salon as long as I have. The feedback we receive is so kind and friendly, they love the family feel that the Salon has.

When Covid struck in March 2020 for some reason Hairdressers were allowed to stay open regarded as essential. I know a lot of our clients regarded this as fact, and were very grateful. However,we were totally shut down when the second wave hit. This has had a terrible effect not only on my business but all the other shops in the Were Street Shopping Strip in Montmorency. Affectionately known as Monty Village.

As we slowly lower the Covid numbers, we look forward to reopening and reconnecting with our friends and families. I hope that Mum doesn’t decide that retirement suits her.
Samara Logan
Tel: 9435 5200