Hearing – An Important Quality of Life

Hearing Technologies Centre is a local business run by Jasna Bruce an accredited audiologist and registered psychologist.

It was set up at Rivers of Yarrambat Health Centre to provide an independent professional audiology service to residents of Banyule, Nillumbik and Whittlesea. Clients from Kilmore and Heathcote also travel to see Jasna about hearing aids.  They know they will get an independent opinion based on evidence base.  Most clients come to Jasna from word of mouth as there is no on road signage.

Jasna says “The evidence base tells us that any hearing aid will improve hearing for most people.” She adds that these should be able to be purchased for a reasonable price. Of course, some people may like hearing aids with the bells and whistles that detect falls, translate foreign languages, monitor your heart rate, or track your socialising.

The Hearing Services Voucher program helps pay for Pensioner Concession Card Holders*, and private health extras insurance can cover some of the cost as well. NDIS can assist eligible patients.

Jasna adds, “We know from the literature that hearing is strongly related to quality of life measures. Also, the sooner we do something about reducing hearing loss, the less chance of auditory deprivation which affects how clearly you hear when you do finally do something about it”.

Jasna is pleased that the stigma about hearing aids is now in the past.  Hearing devices are now seen as a lifestyle  gadget, connecting to phones and apps and rechargeable options.  Jasna says, “I am thrilled to see some of my clients in their 80s managing the apps and finding a new lease of life.”

Jasna supports people with head noises called tinnitus. This affects 20% of the population and a small proportion of these are really disturbed by these noises.

Protecting ones hearing is another things Jasna advocates.  Anyone playing in a band or orchestra, involved in work or recreational noise, such as machine noise or firearms should wear hearing protection. It is possible to get hearing protection made to fit your individual ear shape from a mould.

Jasna is passionate about assessing children in the early years with speech delays or delays in reading skills. It is important to rule out hearing or auditory processing as an underlying cause. Jasna reports that “Early detection and intervention is key”, and she has personal experience as well with her own children experiencing dyslexia.

You can read more about Hearing Technology Centre if you search Hearing Technologies Centre- Jasna Bruce, or to discuss anything above please call Jasna direct on 0403827530.

*Conditions apply for Hearing Service Voucher Program

Hearing Technologies Centre
28 Kurrak Rd Yarrambat  3091