Heidelcare Discontinuance

Banyule Cr Tom Melican raised an item of General Business relating to the discontinuance of local community group ‘Heidelcare’ at a recent meet held on March 22nd March 2021.

The community group ‘Heidelcare’ has decided to discontinue and donate their funds to 3081 Angels and Exodus.

Heidelcare was started in 1982, 38 years ago by a dedicated voluntary group of caring residents seeking to offer short term assistance to people living within the City of Banyule to assist the elderly, the disabled, the socially and economically disadvantaged, families in need and people living alone.

They provided vital transport for people with limited mobility or who needed assistance in doing basic tasks from shopping to medical appointments.

Cr Tom Melican advised he was privileged to attend a farewell afternoon tea held on the 14 March 2021, to celebrate the achievements of the group over a very long period.

Alice Hyland was in attendance, who along with her late husband Bob, were founding members. Her achievements were particularly recognised along with long term Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator Rosemary Vecchies and current President Marilyn Kennealy.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and with difficulties attracting younger drivers, the group had found continuing was not possible and very sadly, decided to close.

Heidelcare will be greatly missed and Cr. Tom Melican would like to thank the many volunteers for their dedicated service to the Banyule community for over 38 years.

This highlights the need for Council to assist vulnerable and aging residents to have convenient and safe access to vital services in their area.

Download full meeting minutes 22nd March 2021 below