Kayakers rescued in Drik Drik

The resourceful thinking of a 13-year-old boy led police to the location of two missing kayakers at Drik Drik early this morning.

Emergency services were notified after the kayakers failed to return to their rendezvous point near the Keegans Bend Track yesterday about 8pm.

Police on the ground were assisted by the Air Wing and SES in searching for the pair.

The Air Wing located the pair after the boy used the light on his watch to signal the helicopter.

The pair were located on the bank of the Glenelg River, near Laceys Lane, just after midnight and airlifted to safety.

A 51-year-old Mt Gambier woman and a 13-year-old boy were not injured and taken to Portland where they were reunited with family.

Quotes attributed to Police Air Wing Inspector Kelly Walker:

“The quick-thinking actions of the 13-year-old boy, who shined his watch light at police, ultimately led to their rescue”.

“Our night-vision picks up heat, so the pair were not standing out against the large number of wildlife that come out to play at night”.

“However, his decision to shine a light appeared as a beacon which led crews to their exact location”.

“It’s a timely reminder to ensure you have the right equipment when setting out for a paddle, carrying a form of communication and a lifejacket could save your life”.