Lift the Lid on Mental Illness

Every October, Australian Rotary Health encourages Rotary Clubs, businesses, and individuals to get involved in Hat Day as part of ‘Lift the Lid on Mental Illness’, our national fundraising and awareness campaign for mental health research.

We understand that this year the COVID-19 pandemic may present some obstacles, making it difficult to get involved in the same way as previous years. But we also believe this is an opportunity to put our creative thinking hats on!

It has been a tough year for everyone, so let’s get together (virtually), put on a silly hat, and do something important for mental health.

Find out what your donation to mental health research means to our funded researchers. 

We have come up with some COVID-19 safe ways that you can get involved in Hat Day 2020 to help us Lift the Lid on Mental Illness:

Host an online trivia/raffle session.

You may want to get a group of people together for a trivia/raffle night on Zoom.

A bit of friendly competition is always fun. Plus, prizes could be awarded to those with the best/funniest/quirkiest hats!

Team Up with Clue Detective Puzzle Agency

The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency, founded by Rotarian Catherine Eagleson, is teaming up with Rotary Clubs to sell puzzle memberships online as a contact-free way to fundraise for Rotary projects and Lift the Lid on Mental Illness. You may even want to get together with a group online to solve puzzles together. Find out more.

Ask Australian Rotary Health to Help You Organise a Mental Health Speaker

Australian Rotary Health is funding plenty of Mental Health researchers who are more than happy to present their research to Rotary Clubs. Get in touch with our office to organise a speaker at your next Club meeting. 

Bake Some Hat-Themed Treats

Whether it be biscuits, cupcakes, or pancakes, baking ‘hat-themed’ treats could be a delicious way to raise money for mental health research. A simple online transaction and delivery to someone’s doorstep can make the process ‘contactless’. Don’t forget to wear gloves while handling food!

Decorate Your Own Hats at Home

Depending on the restrictions in your area, you could gather with a small group of friends for a hat-decorating crafternoon! Make sure you send us your pictures!

This is only a couple of ideas, so feel free to be creative and come up with your own as well!

You might even like to find a quirky mask to wear with your hat like Jessica from the ARH office!

We’d love to see how you celebrate Hat Day this year, so please send your Lift the Lid on Mental Illness event photos and highlights to

You can also get involved in the conversation on social media by using the hashtags #LiftTheLid20 or #HatDay20. For updates on Lift the Lid, visit our Facebook page.

Donations can be made at: or

Thank you for your support!