Melbourne woman left terrified after alleged carjacking

A Victorian woman has been left terrified after an alleged carjacking in Melbourne’s north-west earlier this month.
Natalie Carrafa, 41, was approached by a male and allegedly threatened with an imitation firearm at Water Gardens Shopping Centre in Taylors Lakes on June 15, according to police.
“He said give me the keys to your car or I’ll shoot you,” Carrafa claimed.

Carrafa claimed she was initially approached by a teenager in Watergardens shopping centre car park, who she says asked her for a cigarette.
“I went to hand him a cigarette and he was about three feet away from me, not making a scene, and he just opened up his jacket and took out a gun and said ‘give me the keys to your car, now’,” she claimed.
Shocked and unsure if the gun was real, she complied.
Police allege the male then drove away in her car, a Mercedes.

melbourne woman experienced carjacking at Watergardens shopping centre car park