Petrol Powered Push Bikes

Police have identified an increase in the use of illegal Petrol Powered Push bikes within the Banyule area.
Members of the public who use these vehicles need to be aware of the associated consequences.

What is a motorised bicycle?
A motorised bicycle is identical to a pedal powered bicycle, except it has an auxiliary motor or motors that have in combination a maximum ungoverned and continuous output of 200 watts or less.
(Majority petrol motors that you can purchase online Do Not comply with Victorian Standards.)

A motorised bicycle is not classified as a bicycle if:

• The motor is the primary source of power
• The motor’s output exceeds 200 watt. (Whether or not the motor is operating)


• Petrol / electric motor – only is auxiliary and 200watts or less = Okay
• Motor is main source of power = Motorcycle.

To drive a vehicle on public roads in Victoria, it must be registered, the rider must hold a valid licence and the operator must wear an approved Motor bike helmet.

If you are found to be riding a motorised push bike that exceeds 200 watts in a public place you must follow Road Rules applicable to a motorbike and could face the following fines.

• Unlicensed driving – $826.00 (Possible impound offence)
• Own or use Unregistered motor cycle with engine capacity of 60cc or less – $165.00
• Own or use Unregistered motor cycle with engine capacity of 61cc or more but less than 501cc – $496.00
• Ride motor bike without helmet or with passenger without helmet – $330.00. (3 demerit points)

If you are involved in a collision with members of the public you may have to face Court proceedings