Showcase to platform underrepresented and diverse artists from Banyule

Digital showcase to platform underrepresented and diverse artists from Banyule

MELBOURNE – This December, Artsish will share the work of 12 diverse, emerging artists in and from Banyule in a digital showcase. The one-of-a-kind website,, will feature an interview with each artist, their artwork and more.

“These 12 artists are not just extremely talented. They are also some of the most interesting and warmest people you will ever meet. It has been such an honour to be given the platform to share their work and support them,” said Artsish’s founder, Andrea Selvarajah.

By including interviews, quotes, and of course, the artwork itself, Artsish asks its audience to engage with their community. On top of that, by only featuring diverse and underrepresented voices, the showcase hopes to encourage visibility and inclusivity.

Featuring talented marbling artist Eda Tevrizci, Japanese calligraphy artist Junko Azukawa and a range of other artists like comedians, musicians and more, we will be seeing and hearing from the artists who make up our community. These artists proudly highlight how art, culture and story can come together in perfect harmony. Every single art piece and artist informs us about their rich past and their life full of meaning and rich tradition, while showing us what this means for their artwork and future.

As a recipient of Banyule City Council’s Arts and Culture grant, Artsish hopes to inspire its audience to discover and support more local, homegrown talent and creatives. This brand-new website is actively seeking to bring together a pool of talent that will challenge, inspire and most of all, make you think about what more you can do for your local arts community.

The website launches on December 1st and will run for free. To visit the digital showcase and support our local artists, all you need to do is visit our website