They say blood is indeed thicker than water

Thank you for letting me be a part of this good work of donating blood

By Dr Baljit Singh

My blood donation journey started in 1998-1999 when I received a brochure about donating blood. I went to the city blood donation centre and after filling out my medical history; they checked my blood pressure, haemoglobin, and pulse rate. It is a usual routine for blood donors. I was all okay. My blood donation was successful. I was asked to have a snack before leaving; it also meant taking a break rather than rushing home. I used to donate blood every 3 to 4 weeks.

Then I found out that Bundoora also has a blood donation centre. I began going there. And this time, I found out about donating Plasma.

The Red Cross has awarded me certificates and badges several times in recognition of my contributions. First, when I had donated 50 times, the second was 75, the third was 100, the fourth was 150, and now it’s 225. I’m still going to do more.

All the nurses know my name by heart, and I feel great about it. I feel that I’m one of the family members among their staff and donors.

I think that by giving blood we can become more empathetic to each other and that creates social cohesion because we start to feel that giving blood is giving life.

What a wonderful achievement Dr. Baljit has made to the blood bank family. I am sure the recipients of his blood and plasma thank him from the bottom of their beating hearts for his selfless gift. The donations will go a long way as he continues to give someone a lifeline, just at the right time. – From the Editor

About the Author

Dr Baljit Singh received his PhD in Economics from La Trobe University in Melbourne. The title of his thesis is Socio-economic Development and Fertility: A Case Study in India. His experience includes teaching and research in public health. His interests further extend to global health, health promotion, health systems and economics. His books are:

  • Singh, B. (2022) Kavita Sundarya- Mere Nazar Se, Hindi Poetry Book, Hindi Sahitya Sadan, Delhi, India
  • Singh, B. (2021) A Walk without Food, Xlibris, Sydney, Australia
  • Singh, B. (2020) The Manifestations of Being, Xlibris, Sydney, Australia
  • Singh, B. (2019) Topics in Population and Health, Xlibris, Sydney, Australia