Topical Steroid Withdrawal & NMT (No Moisturising Treatment)

My name is Tokuko Kameda and I live in Tokyo Japan. I have suffered with Topical Steroid Withdrawal for many years.

I had been using the strongest Topical Steroids all the time due to severe atopic dermatitis for more than 50 years since I was 6 months old. I had never healed with them but wasn’t able to have an ordinary life without them because they pull in inflammation barely, meaning, temporarily. However, the medication loses effectiveness gradually over time and had stopped working finally.

After I stopped using it, I experienced horrible withdrawals/side effects as you will see below, 4 times in 2 1/2 years, but I have been free of it for the last 5 years. It developed all over my body actually and I looked like a monster losing hair twice, lost weight 27 lb, 12 kg, in one week due to fluid oozing from the surface of the skin, and so on…

I had such bad side effects due to long term use of Topical Steroids but most of the dermatologists still diagnosed it as ‘Atopic Dermatitis’.  Do you also think so to see my pictures?

No, it’s NOT Atopic Dermatitis.

For Atopic Dermatitis and other skin problems, Topical Steroids (TS) have been used for about 7 decades worldwide but nowadays, thousands of sufferers are struggling against the ‘side effects of TS’ (=TSW, Topical Steroid Withdrawal) and it has been happening on a global scale. Still, it is not well known by ordinary people because the side effect is diagnosed as an aggravation of Atopic Dermatitis (AD) or other skin sicknesses usually. However, many TSW sufferers began to realise the symptom was not the aggravation of AD because the symptoms are like a nightmare. The awareness of TSW is getting bigger among sufferers year by year worldwide.

WARNING: Images in this article may be distressing.

Since I had been using the strongest Topical Steroids for 52 years, my Topical Steroid Withdrawal symptoms were horrible.

  • My whole body became raw like a burn victim and got lots of ooze from all over my body.
  • My skin became scaly like a fish and I shed handfuls of crusts every day.
  • I lost 80% of my hair…twice.
  • My face was swollen until the limit and I could see things only by opening my eyes with my fingers.
  • I looked like a monster (like the rock guy in the movie ‘Fantastic 4’ when my symptom was the worst.) and no one could recognise me.
  • Both my legs became double-sized and I had horrible pain…making it unbearable to walk.
  • I had an intense itch that felt bone-deep. It caused serious insomnia.
  • I felt brutally cold and extraordinarily fatigued.
  • I had severe hypoalbuminemia due to the protein deficit.
  • There were many more symptoms…

No Success with Conventional Medicine

I had experienced such symptoms 4 times in 2 1/2 years after stopping the use of Topical Steroids…I had to quit it because it didn’t work anymore. The symptoms were very tough but I wasn’t able to meet doctors who could deal with TSW at that time even in the big downtown Tokyo. All the dermatologists who accept the rejection of the use of TS from patient’s side just prescribed creams to moisturise and I had been applying them all over my body every single day and doing bed rest at home patiently day in, day out…
However, I didn’t get better.

Starting on NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment)

Since my symptoms were super severe, Dr. Shigeki Fujisawa introduced me to Dr. Kenji Sato (in Osaka) and I flew out from Tokyo to Osaka to enter Hannan Chuo Hospital where there was availabilty for TSW sufferers. Dr. Kenji Sato who is the advocate of NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) practices the treatment without prescribing any creams or moisturisers there. It had been showing great results for more than 3 decades in Japan, however, due to medical society/association remaining unchanged, this great method has been taking time to be acknowledged.

From Dr. Sato, I learned 3 amazing facts.

  • TS is highly addictive.
  • TS induces various kinds of skin problems.
  • TS makes your dermatitis intractable.
    And without medications or topical products, you can get well.
Topical Steroid Withdrawal Healed result

Since I fully know how tough TSW symptoms are, and there are no effective protocols in the world, I started a blog ‘Tokuko’s Room To Feel Uplifted’ in Japanese and English to help out other sufferers introducing NMT receiving Dr. Sato’s approval.

I thought it should be urgent to disseminate this great method because NMT works and you can do it at home with your doctor’s assistance. You don’t need any special creams or magic medicines but can activate your natural healing power with it.

**You definitely need medical professions’ assistance to be seen regularly for infections and other sicknesses.

As long as it is TSW from your AD and Eczema, you can get it over the fastest with this treatment.

(For other sicknesses, doctors need to see them.)

The key is, you need to learn it seriously and to follow the protocol as thoroughly as possible being a master of NMT because not many NMT doctors are there to assist.

Healing happens after your skin has dried completely. However, there is one thing you need to know. In the drying phase, sufferers sometimes misunderstand that as it is drying, they may be upset to see a bad appearance covered with crusts and getting intense itch. The itch is not avoidable and you may want to scratch all crusts off…but if you do, you need to air-dry it again patiently. If you quit it in the middle of it, meaning right before healing i.e. completely dried skin, it would be a waste of your time, so you need to get the correct/accurate knowledge of NMT. After the repetition of scratching and drying, healing happens. Also, if you go back to your orignal habits, it is not NMT anymore and healing takes longer. Please keep this advice in mind.

A very strong determination is required before you start NMT but if you’d like to get over TSW asap, there’s no better treatment in the world so far. All of the patients who got well with NMT are testimony. The choice is always yours. Hope you do the sound choice and get well soon. Healing happens to you definitely.

Stay positive. Don’t be a perfectionist. The goal is not the perfect healing but to prevent you from being swayed by the illness.

The most popular article of one of my blogs is below and it was shared one after another all over the world VERY rapidly.  It spread more than 150 countries. 

How to get over Topical Steroid Withdrawal asap!

Readers are worldwide except for some countries in the Middle East, Africa and the North pole area.  This shows that TSW sufferers are all over the world! 


Topical Steroid Withdrawal Tokuko's Room To Feel Uplifted Distribution Map May 2021

Currently, to help out TSW sufferers/caregivers, I have been working on disseminating NMT worldwide and providing helpful information through SNS, YouTube, blogs, big lecture meetings, etc…in Japanese and English.
I used to travel all over Japan with NMT doctors for big lecture meetings but nowadays, various non-steroidal groups prepare them through Zoom. The latest Zoom lecture meeting of mine was in this month and the notification was only 2 weeks prior but approximately 100 audiences and NMT leading doctors attended. This means, there are many TSW sufferers who are struggling in Japan too.

Everything is on a non-profit basis and all of Japanese NMT doctors have been assisting me with their knowledge as well…they have also been working hard for the awareness of TSW for years in Japan.

Very respectfully,
Tokuko Kameda
Tokyo Japan