Want to make a bedroom feel bigger

It might be challenging to maximise space in a compact bedroom. However, working in a small place does not automatically mean that your future will be crammed with junk and close quarters. To help you make the most of every nook and cranny, we show you five design and organising techniques.

We advise you to consider the following general recommendations before making any purchases:

  • Prioritise function over form when adding new items to your room.
  • Every piece should have a purpose. Extra points for being multipurpose or having storage.
  • Keep an eye out for tall objects that maximise vertical space and attract the eye upward.
  • Make good use of your walls: Wall-mounted shelving can produce additional areas for storing items. Moreover, neatly arranged bookcases may enliven blank walls.

This contemporary ottoman that can also be used as seating to match any decor. We believe it would be ideal for storing clothes, blankets, books, and other items at the foot of a bed.


Make a small bedroom feel huge3

Some bedrooms, particularly teenagers rooms will need to have a desk, either free standing or attached to the wall with pen and paper storage.
It’s likely that you have at some point seen something this IKEA that also functions as a room divider. It is recognisable for good reason—it provides plenty of storage, can be customised, and is significantly less expensive than the majority of the enormous bookshelves we’ve looked at.

Incorporating light pastel colors into the bedding can work wonders in visually expanding the perceived space of a small bedroom.

Soft hues like pale blues, delicate pinks, or muted greens can impart a sense of airiness and tranquility, making the room feel more spacious and inviting. When draped across the bed, pastel bedding acts as a focal point, drawing the eye and diverting attention away from the room’s limitations in size.

The result promotes relaxation and comfort, transforming even the most modest of bedrooms into a serene retreat.

Your home will seem elegant and attractive with the Florence Table Lamp. It’s the ideal accent piece that fits in perfectly with any decor thanks to its natural tint and tapering shade and base.

Because the lampshade is handcrafted and composed of repurposed linen, there may be variations in the fabric’s inherent texture, flaws, and surface. These are not regarded as flaws.

This lamp is made in accordance with electrical safety requirements in Australia and New Zealand. For indoor usage only.