When your Heating and Cooling System Finally Gives up The Ghost

Your original 40 year old heating and cooling system finally gives up the ghost. HVAC experts confirm modern systems are unable to be retro-fitted into your existing plant room because of their size and shape. The only option to heat and cool your home you are told, are those “awful split systems in each room”

This is the situation in which Peter Little  found himself earlier this year and for which Rosanna Heating and Cooling was able to find him an alternative solution.

A site inspection revealed an area under the floor partly excavated during construction of the house. Using this as a starting point a team of RHC installers laboured for many hours hand digging out this under-floor area. Transported by the bucketful, up a flight of stairs to the top of the steep driveway, enough soil and rubble was removed to fill a 6 cubic metre bin. The result was a more useable space able to accommodate today’s more modern equipment.

This enlarged space was then fitted with a platform on which to install the new Braemar gas-fired ducted heater by Seeley International and cooling coil by Actron Air, a new mechanical switchboard, fluorescent lighting, and acoustic insulation batts under the floor to minimize sound travel to the bedroom directly above.

The existing condenser located under the deck, was pulled apart and removed again by hand, piece by piece, making way for the new customised side-discharge Actron Air condenser to be lifted into position by the 8 men on site.

This  customised installation included-:

  • Custom made Linear Return Air bar grilles on 2 of the 3 levels of the house providing a slimline modern look.
  • Greenduct ducting, a form of flexible, class leading ducting due to its ability to withstand the high pressures of almost 1400 litres/sec on high speed produced by the system, connecting to the existing solid ductwork located within the
  • Customised black solid Colorbond ductwork with V-form commercial grade filters.
  • Quadro ovolo flexi-ductwork to increase headspace in the plant room ensuring installers and future service technicians with safe service access.
  • A naturally ventilated plant room fitted with vermin proof aluminium louvered panel wall grilles.
  • Specially positioned filters in the plant room allowing for easy removal and cleaning by the householders.

The final outcome for our client is a system of well balanced, heated and cooled air being pushed throughout his 18-existing floor (within slab), ceiling and wall registers

The bespoke installation at East Ivanhoe is a testament to Rosanna Heating and Cooling’s philosophy that every problem has a solution  if you look hard enough.

If you are thinking of installing or upgrading the heating or cooling in your home or have an installation that could potentially require a little thinking outside the box, contact us for an obligation free quote.

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