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Visa checks are not being done. This government is allowing them in without a care. They don’t care about the safety of Australians.

Cheryle May.

There is no Australian consulate in Gaza to process and do checks on these migrants coming from Gaza. Over 2000.

Bob S. – Melbourne

It seems to be quite clear the government of Australia has little regard for the safety of Australian born citizens

Alana M. – Melbourne

Why do you think no other country in the Middle East will accept the Gazan refugees?

Cheryle May.

Next time I apply for a Visa, I expect it to only take 1 hour like the Palestinians were. How can any government do any checks at all in that time. Penny Wong should go.

Rex S.

This letting in of over 2000 unvetted Palestinian migrants goes hand in hand with the Labor Governments weakness.

Chris C.

Interesting how the majority of Arab countries refuse to have them due to “problems” caused, but Australia will take anyone apparently. The safety of Australian citizens means nothing to this “woke” Government

Wyatt F. – Melbourne

Tell me, why is being offended only applies to the minority groups and not the rest of us?

Do not let conflict in Gaza disrupt the harmony in Melbourne. Before Oct 7, no-one would have been hesitant to express their Jewish identity in Caulfield or the CBD, but that is the reality we now face.

Ruby S. – Caulfield

The east blame the West/U.S. for everything, but are still happy to take their handouts.

James – Elsternwick

I agree with Ruby S.

No-one is worried about the millions of muslims murdered in Iraq. We didn’t hear a peep.

And what about the most recent slaughter in Nigerian Villages where hundreds of villagers were killed by rebels of their own religion.

Not a sound for these poor people who did nothing, but lead a quiet life in their own little village.

G.H. Reservoir.

Why are a lot of our street and city names being changed to aboriginal names without permission to do so. Do councils ever ask their ratepayers if they want to change these names? I believe not.

Rex S.

I actually like the new flavours of Tim Tam Biscuits, but havent tried the Chillie flavoured one. Must put them on my shopping list
Jen – Whittlesea

I’m glad to hear the Palestinian advocacy group apologised to the Jewish community for hosting a protest near a synagogue. Will Police increase patrols in Caulfield following Friday night’s nasty clash.

I am so over all these protests that disrupt not only our streets but our businesses trying to make an honest living. Start Banning them.

Geoff B. – East Melbourne

Why was Brittany Higgins paid out almost $2,500,000 when no-one was actually charged for her r**e. Disgusting expenditure of our tax payers money. So many lies have now been exposed.

Graeme J.

No-one likes to see the death of any innocent person anywhere in the world, but when will protesters in Melbourne and other cities realise that before Oct. 7,  Hamas ran Gaza. Get rid of Hamas and elect a new democratic government, problem solved.

Businesses have not fully recovered after the lockdowns. Let’s get the economy moving again.
Jack – Rosanna

Is Archie Moore going to have his art exhibition rescinded by Creative Australia after his recent comments in a post that celebrated Hamas for slaug***ing Israeli citizens at a dance festival and in their own homes.

Bob S. – Melbourne

If you want to solve the crime in this country, why don’t we all have a DNA test including babies at birth.

I’m sure the thieves, ra**sts and mu**erers would think twice about it. We all know they will always leave something behind.
Perry – Diamond Creek

What happened to Innocent until proven Guilty

Shouldn’t we all stop convicting someone before police have dealt with the situation.

If they can’t see any way of proving a case and let it go, then what’s the point of holding more inquiries that are going to cost the tax payers more money.
Roland  – Doncaster